30 ways to make money online/23 sites for making money on the Internet

    30 ways to make money online

    Many are trying to make money on the Internet. Some money is earned at all, but, as a rule, frivolous. I decided to summarize my experience. There are 30 methods, I have tried a significant part of them myself, for some I still work.

    1. Trading virtual items

    If you play a lot of online games, you can earn money by selling game currency and items. You can sell through thematic forums:

    Online torg club



    RF Cheats

    How much you can earn: if you do not scale, from a few dozen to a few hundred dollars a month. The meaning of doing this is only for those who play and deeply understand the game.

    2. Earnings on video (YouTube, VK, Odnoklassniki, DailyMotion)

    Find a niche and create a video for it. Videos can be made from pictures (using the YouTube editor), removed to the phone or grabbed from games or movies. What to do about the video? The fact that you are well versed. Or purposefully pick a niche in which a lot of traffic. For example, useful tips.

    Where will the money come from? There are five main ways:

    - Advertise in videos on YouTube (Google will pay you).

    - Direct payments to advertisers - however, they must first be found.

    - Affiliate networks (big list here ). These are organizations that monetize your video. A big plus of the partner networks is that they allow you to earn not only on YouTube, but also on other video hostages - VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, DailyMotion.

    - CPA, i.e. pay for leads. Register in the CPA network (a large list here ), take a referral link and insert videos and annotations into the description. For each registration or purchase you are charged money. The best way to advertise products and games. Practically all Letsplayers on YouTube use CPA.

    - In the near future, paid subscriptions will appear on YouTube. This will allow to take money from users directly.

    How much can you earn: theoretically up to several million dollars a year. In practice, the majority will have 0, the rest (the most stubborn and non-lazy) from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a month.

    3. Registration and Sale of Valuable Exempted Domains

    Many people and companies do not extend their domains - sometimes from disappointment in a failed business, sometimes because of forgetfulness. A vacated domain, even if there is no site on it, can be of high value due to the pumped-up PR figures, TCI and a large number of backlinks. A valuable domain can be registered for a few hundred rubles, and sold for thousands or tens of thousands. You can track expired domains on this page .

    How much can you earn: if you're lucky, you can make a lot of money. But rarely lucky. The way is unpredictable and unstable.

    4. Monetizing file traffic

    Large file hosting services (TurboBit, Depositfiles, Letitbit) have their own bonus programs. You upload a file to the file sharing service and for every 1000 downloads you are paid from $ 2 to $ 15. Of course, it will be necessary to take care that the file is downloaded, i.e. actively distribute the link to it. If you have uploaded something popular (for example, the first to post an image of a fresh game), then there are chances to get a lot of downloads.

    There are also specialized affiliate programs for earnings (they pay 2-3 rubles per install) on file traffic (it won't give links to Peekab):



    Install Bundle













    5. Forex trading

    Forex is a currency trading. In 99 cases out of 100, people in forex are lost and never return to this. But there are some tricks: you can earn on brokers without investing a penny. For example, through participation in contests. Alpari has a Virtual Reality contest with a prize pool of $ 2,490. You can participate in it by trading with a demo account (that is, without investing anything).

    6. Traffic arbitration

    The essence of arbitration consists in the extraction of cheap or generally free traffic and its resale at a higher price. Traffic is directed to the advertisers' pages through special links (a link to the list of CPA networks was given in the chapter on YouTube). Advertisers pay for the installation of programs, registration on their website, paid orders.

    There will be no quick money in arbitration, but after several months of hard work, you can go to a serious pace.

    7. Referral links

    In fact, this is the same arbitration: drive traffic on a specific link, and you get paid for it. The difference from arbitration is that you do not need to register with CPA networks: many companies offer to earn money on referrals to any of their clients. Ref. Many companies have programs, but it's not always profitable to work with them. Not so long ago, I discovered that my Reg.ru account has several referrals. I do not even remember where they came from, but decided to inquire how much these referrals earned me money in a few years. Amount struck on the spot: 19 rubles.

    One of the most profitable referral programs is offered by forex brokers , and here's why:

    - Clients of forex brokers make large sums to the account (hence, large deductions).

    - Work on the forex market makes sense only with regular (optimal daily trading).

    - Forex affiliate programs are usually multi-level, i.e. You can earn on referrals of your referrals.

    How much you can earn: if you are stubborn and not be lazy, in a passive mode it can bring an average of several hundred dollars a month. At $ 10,000 per month, only a few, of course, can come out. And certainly you don’t have to play forex yourself.

    8. Arbitration of goods

    The essence of the scheme is to buy undervalued things at flea markets and then resell them more expensive on Avito, irr.ru, eBay. In the street markets you can find a lot of interesting things: old Soviet editions of books, vintage dishes, etc.

    You can also search for valuables in the trash near large stores and office centers. It sounds crazy, but in the US there is a person who thus earns hundreds of thousands of dollars a year . He is looking for discarded equipment (electronics, power tools), which has slightly lost its presentation or is easily repaired, and sells it after putting it in order.

    9. Earnings on captcha input

    Kopechnyj earnings for those who can not do anything else (google, links do not insert Peekaboo).





    10. Task Exchange

    Site views, advertising, writing reviews, comments, reposts, likes, posting on social networks, etc. As with the captcha, earnings are cheap.












    11. Earnings on installing mobile applications

    The method is as simple as the previous two, but you can earn more: pay up to 150 rubles. for installing the application.









    12. Verification of Yandex search results

    The level of complexity and earnings is the same as in methods 9 and 10. That is, the work is easy, but low paid.

    13. Copywriting (writing texts)

    With copywriting, you can earn from several thousand to several tens of thousands of rubles per month. The most professional in this field can work as authors and editors in large editions and earn more than 100,000 rubles. per month.









    Smart copywriting












    14. Freelance

    Services of designers, artists, programmers, layout designer, SEO-optimizers, etc. Earnings depend on the professionalism and level of customers.






















    spylance.com (stock aggregator)

    revision.ru (only for artists and designers)

    illustrators.ru/jobs (only for artists and designers)

    russiancreators.ru/job/freelance/ (only for artists and designers)

    logopod.ru (only for artists and designers)

    behance.net (for artists and designers only)

    topcreator.org (only for artists and designers)

    dribbble.com (only for artists and designers)

    vakvak.ru (for translators)

    proz.com (for translators)

    15. Writing essays and coursework for money

    You can earn an average of several thousand rubles a month on course papers and essays.






    16. Posting paid publications on your blog through Blogun

    A single placement in major publications and blogs can cost up to several tens or even hundreds of thousands of rubles. But if you have such a platform, then you do not need to read this article.

    17. Creative order (e-generator, voproso)

    You make up a name for a product, company, website, or suggest an idea to solve a customer’s problem and get paid for it.

    18. Competitions

    Many public and websites regularly hold contests. To participate in them, as a rule, it is enough to make a repost. Here are examples of such publics: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 .

    Here are examples of publics that track contests in other publics: 1 , 2 , 3 . Look for such publics for the key words "draws", "free", "freebie".

    There are also applications for practical jokes .

    Plus there are creative contests. They need to move a little brains, but the competition, as a rule, is much lower, and the prizes are more expensive. 99% of people are willing to participate only in repost contests, and this gives the advantage to the non-lazy. In contests of repost nothing depends on you, and here, having spent half an hour or an hour, you can win $ 200-300-500 (I won twice). Examples of contests:

    On MMGP

    On webmasters

    19. Games with the withdrawal of money

    Games like Money-birds, in which you can earn real money without investing your own money. I would not recommend spending time on them.

    20. Paid Surveys

    Answer the questions, you pay for it a little money. Unfortunately, very, very small.











    The only questionnaire with more or less decent payment that I managed to find is called Ultrapay . There payment can reach $ 2 per survey. True, not all polls pay so generously.

    21. Selling photos through photobanks

    Your photos can be placed in photo banks. Some photographers make thousands of dollars a month this way. List of photobanks .

    22. Mediation

    A way for ushlyh. In principle, mediation can be earned in any field. For example, go to free-lance.ru and fl.ru and see the list of orders. Then go to other sites and look for an artist under the order. If you can agree on a price lower than the customer offers, then the difference will remain with you.

    23. Writing reviews

    Earnings penny, suitable for those who can not do anything else.




    24. Cashback for online purchases

    In fact, this is not earnings, but savings. When making online purchases through cashback services, you can get a refund of 3-5% of the purchase price.
















    25. Remote work as a sales manager at Workle

    The site promises 15-30K rubles. per month, but in reality everything is ambiguous . The site shows the total earnings of all users and their number. If you divide the first by the second, then it turns out that the average user earns only 357 rubles. Most likely, as elsewhere, units earn decently (if there are any at all), while others try and quickly give up.

    26. Posting a resume

    Resumark allows everyone to post a resume and pays $ 1 each time an employer downloads a resume.

    27. Posts on financial forums

    Some forums pay for posting. You will not earn much on it, but at least you will learn some new ways to earn money.




    MT5 Forum

    28. Bitcoin taps

    Bitcoin taps are sites that will allow you to earn bitcoins in exchange for visiting them and viewing ads. They pay a penny, so this occupation is justified only if it is automated (for example, using Zennoposter).

    Bitcoin tap lists:





    29. Search for vulnerabilities

    Highly professional programmers can receive remuneration from large Internet companies for the found vulnerabilities:




    30. Poker

    The world's top 100 poker players earn millions, but few people get to these numbers. With a certain perseverance to earn a poker can a man of average ability, but this is a very unstable and exhausting form of earnings.


    Party poker



    Lotos poker

    Red star games


    Titan poker


    23 verified sites for making money on the Internet without investments with the withdrawal through the payment system

    Greetings, friends. Many are interested in how to make money on the Internet and where to get sites that are not thrown. Today I decided to make a selection of proven sites for earnings on the Internet with the withdrawal of money in real.


    • Sites for earnings in social networks ;
    • Exchange copywriting / rewriting ;
    • Sites for automatic earnings ;
    • Earnings on surveys ;
    • Earnings on captcha input ;
    • Sites for earnings on surfing, clicks and other trifles ;
    • Sites for earnings on reviews ;
    • Sites for earnings on the comments ;
    • Sites freelancing services .

    There are a lot of services providing various simple work in the network, but I made a selection only for proven services that regularly pay and have proven themselves in my eyes. Scam and non-payment are very common in this niche, as it is easiest to cash in on inexperienced beginners, so many fall for fraudsters. I remember that in 2007 or 2008 I myself earned my first $ 10 on the clicks in one service, but I could not withdraw it, but I had a lot of time spent on it.

    Another feature of crooks is to first ask to pay for different nonsense or as a sign of seriousness of intentions, and then slip away with your donations. So it is worth looking for services for earnings without investments at once, all that with investments is a scam, with rare exception. I imagine you came to get a job as an engineer at the plant, but they tell you - first put 30 thousand in the cashier office - is it nonsense?

    And one more thing that I want to stop at - there are websites where you can earn money, but you cannot withdraw funds. That is, there is some internal currency, having received that you can spend it on all sorts of coupons, service services, or various specific goods. Earnings can be called a stretch, since the living money from them not to get. So when searching, choose sites for earnings right away where there is a withdrawal of money for Yandex Money, Webmoney, Qiwi, PayPal or another common currency and do not get fooled by anything else.

    Sites for earnings in social networks

    This type of income is based on advertisers buying various social signals - likes, reposts, subscriptions, group memberships, video views. If you have accounts in VK, FB, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Classmates, Google+, etc., then you can get to work.

    1. Cashbox.ru

    Comfortable to work service. Automatic verification of simple tasks without the need to send reports for likes or subscriptions. In addition to tasks on social networks, there are more complex and higher-paying in various areas - registration on sites, installing applications, etc.

    Referral program: yes

    2. Forumok.com

    The site hosts tasks in several categories. Most associated with social networks, but there are others. For example, many orders for posting on various forums or blogs with a link to the desired site.

    Since the tasks are not always simple, there is no automatic acceptance. But the price for the implementation compares favorably with competitors. For example, for a couple of likes on Facebook you can earn a few rubles.
    Referral program: yes

    3. VKtarget.ru

    Supports all networks listed above. Tasks appear regularly. It is possible to receive notifications about new tasks. Automatic execution check is implemented - no need to make screenshots and send confirmation to the customer. One of the most interesting services for me to make money, I wrote more about VKtarget here .

    Referral program: yes

    4. Smmok14.ru

    This service for earnings is distinguished by a large number of tasks and their constant replenishment, but there are two minuses: prices are slightly lower than those of competitors and only the social network Vkontakte is supported (at least for now).

    Referral program: yes

    Sites for making money on texts

    The need for texts for websites is constantly growing, as new projects on the Internet appear every day. In addition, competition is growing and good copywriters earn much more than the average salary in the country. At the same time, copywriting and rewriting do not make you work full time - you have free time - take orders, no time - do not take.

    5. Advego.ru

    One of the oldest copywriting exchanges with a huge audience of employers. There are always orders of different levels - from simple comments for the site to full-fledged articles for tens of thousands of characters. There is a rating system for performers, thanks to which with good work the average payment for 1000 characters will increase. You can not only take orders, but also upload ready-made works to the store. Calculations in the system are in dollars, payments to WMZ.

    Referral program: yes

    6. Etxt.ru

    To make money on this exchange, it is enough to register and start submitting orders for orders. The higher the rating, the higher the chances of getting good expensive jobs. You can increase the level of skills in the system by completing test tasks from the service. This site for earnings uses in the calculations of rubles with the withdrawal of money on Webmoney.

    Referral program: yes

    7. Textsale.ru

    Little different from previous sites. It is also possible to sell ready-made articles and take orders for writing texts on the instructions. The rating is based on completed orders and the quality of their implementation. Positive feedback helps to rise in the rankings faster, so ask customers to leave them. Payments are made to WMR wallet.

    Referral program: yes
    Sites for automatic earnings
    In this part there are sites where the work is not done by you, but by your computer.
    Something like this: start a program, it performs certain actions on the Internet, you are credited for it for this.

    8. Surfearner.com

    For earnings to the browser is installed addition, which periodically shows small advertising banners. Banners do not require any reaction (closure, transitions, viewing, etc.), they do not interfere with work in the network (visit sites, communicate in social networks, etc.). You use the Internet as usual, you are not distracted by banners, but you get money for them, albeit small ones.

    Additionally, in beta test mode, Surfearner has a cryptocurrency mining script. You start mining in your personal account and some of the power of your computer's processor will be used by the mining service. You expose the percentage of power yourself from 0 to 100 - experimentally determine it so that other programs do not slow down.

    Withdrawing money to Yandex, WebMoney, Kiwi, etc.

    Referral program: yes

    9. Vagex.com

    This is a service for promotion of video clips in Youtube. He winds up views, likes, subscribers. Operates in automatic mode. For earnings, you need to install a program or a browser plugin from your personal account.

    After launch, the program itself will open the pages with video clips and unscrew them for a specified duration. Moreover, when you open a tab with a clip in the browser, it does not become active and does not interfere with your normal work. Go about your business, and the program in the background earns a small money, though very small.

    The service is English-speaking and only pays for PayPal.

    Referral program: yes

    10. Vipip.ru

    Vipip is a service of active advertising, through which you can promote websites, accounts in social networks (likes, subscriptions, etc.), there are tasks of arbitrary shape - this is similar to many other axles, but there is a feature that distinguishes it from competitors is an extension for the browser that earns money automatically by performing the most simple and typical tasks without human intervention.

    For the expansion to work, you need to download it to a computer, connect your accounts on social networks and periodically withdraw money, albeit small, but truly passive.

    Referral program: yes

    Sites for earnings on polls

    Many people do not trust such earnings, because it is not clear who is willing to pay for all this. In fact, various companies constantly carry out marketing research and budgets are allocated for this. Part of these budgets and goes to pay for volunteers who are ready to participate.

    11. Toloka.yandex.com

    The official questionnaire from the search engine Yandex. A variety of tasks appear in the system: identifying sites containing pornographic pictures, assessing the relevance (compliance) of a page to a search query - these are minor tasks. There are those where you need to check the work of the online store from Yandex Market (to place an order and return the goods) - they pay serious money for such tasks. I did the job description of the service when it first appeared in an article about Yandex Toloka . Since then, different tasks have become more.

    Referral program: no

    12. ExpertnoeMnenie.ru

    Earnings work according to the standard scheme - register, fill out your personal data, answer questions from tasks. The number of available polls depends on your personal profile. Customers indicate the category of people whose opinion they are interested in, so topics about cars will come more often to men, and about raising children to women.

    For the initial data about yourself, the service charges money - you will receive a total of 80 rubles just by indicating your marital status, the presence of bad habits, education, etc.

    Withdrawal is available when reaching 500 rubles on Webmoney or phone.

    Referral program: 15 rubles per friend

    13. PlatnijOpros.ru

    The service is similar to the previous one, but there are financial nuances. For filling out the questionnaire you will earn only 10 rubles, but the withdrawal is available from a smaller amount - only 300 rubles, which are transferred to the webmoney.

    Referral program: yes

    14. InternetOpros.ru

    The minimum withdrawal of money on this site from 500 rubles, transferred to the account of a mobile phone. Tasks do not appear too often, you can count on several questionnaires within a month.

    Referral program: no

    15. GlobalTestMarket.com

    Initially, the service is foreign, as the translation is clumsy in some places, but polls appear regularly in Russian. Withdrawal of money earned is possible both in the form of various bonuses and in live rubles on PayPal (from there you can withdraw to your card).

    Referral program: no

    Sites for earnings on entering captcha

    Many services, applications and games are protected from bots with the help of captcha (pictures with the image of different characters). Robots do not know how to figure out such images, respectively, there is a considerable need in the market for human recognition of captcha - low-skilled labor, but in demand.

    16. Rucaptcha.com

    Before starting work in RuCaptcha, there is a training course where you will be taught to recognize all possible variants of pictures. Payment for captcha recognition is not very high, but there is always work at any time of the day or night. The secret to raising earnings is working at night, when the activity of the performers is minimal - during this period the average price of one entry is 3 times higher.

    By the way, this type of earnings is an excellent tool for training blind typing. A couple of hours of work and you will know the keyboard of your computer like your 5 fingers, and even earn money.

    Withdrawal of money earned is possible on Webmoney, Yandex, Qiwi, Bitcoin, etc.

    Referral program: yes

    17. MegaTypers.com

    English service for captcha. Registration is possible only by the invitation code, here it is - DEQ1. In my opinion, the service essentially loses the hands, often there are no tasks, so I cite only as an alternative option.

    You can withdraw money only on Webmoney.

    Referral program: yes

    Sites for earnings on clicks and other trifles

    This category of resources can be attributed to freelancing exchanges, but I will divide them, as it is considered to be freelancing something more serious and requiring special knowledge / skills.

    18. Profittask.com

    Service with a large number of different tasks, ranging from simple (such as a subscription to a social account) and ending with complex multi-pass (like - open a search, enter a phrase, find a site, go to it). For complex tasks pay more. There are always a lot of tasks - this is a plus.

    Each newcomer will be charged 50 rubles as a gift, if you enter a promotional code - 9948465ab38a7105853 during registration

    Referral system: yes

    19. ProfitCentr.com

    This service provides access to several types of tasks - reading emails, surfing sites, random tasks, tests and social networks. Letters are peculiar advertisements in which there is a link to the site. Surfing is the direct transition to a web site and its viewing for a specific time. In arbitrary tasks, anything can be found - likes, registration in services, etc. In the section of social networks are waiting for subscriptions, reposts and likes. Carefully read the rules of service.

    Withdrawal of funds from 20 kopecks to Webmoney wallet.

    Referral program: yes

    Sites for earnings on reviews

    In this category are services that pay for the publication of interesting and useful reviews about anything. It can be a variety of texts, starting with your experience of using the iron and ending with impressions of a walk to the top of the mountain.

    19. Otzovik.com

    The principle of operation is described above. No pre-specified topic is imposed on you - you choose everything yourself. Complete freedom of imagination of creativity. Just write the text, publish it on the site. Payment for a review will depend on how interesting it will be (number of views) and useful (rating). Moreover, the accrual is constantly as you view your publications. With high activity, you can create a source of passive income.

    Withdrawal goes to Webmoney, the first time at least 200 rubles, the subsequent payments from 100.

    Referral program: yes

    20. Vseotzyvy.ru

    Completely similar service Otzovik site. Write reviews, get bonuses for it. Bonuses can be exchanged for prizes, or withdraw via Webmoney or on the mobile account. The minimum payment amount is 500 rubles.

    Referral program: yes

    Sites for earnings on the comments

    Writing comments is ordered for different purposes - somewhere you need to dilute the SEO text in the article, somewhere to add volume, but more often commenting is bought in order to create the appearance of higher activity. Often, such tasks can be found on the text exchanges and other services described in this article, but there are also highly specialized sites aimed only at this type of income.

    21. Qcomment.ru

    The name Qcomment itself shows that with the help of this resource, you can make money on the Internet by commenting on the instructions of advertisers. The site specializes in commenting, but in recent times other areas have appeared in it, such as working with social cues and surfing.

    You can withdraw payment through Yandex and Webmoney.

    Referral program: yes

    Freelance service sites

    In this category there are sites with tasks for specialists in a certain area - web designers, programmers, copywriters, SMM and SEO optimizers, marketers, etc.

    22. Work-Zilla.com

    At the beginning of this project, it was focused on text orders and looked more like one of the copywriting exchanges, but over time it grew into a full service, where the share of text orders is only a small percentage. There is work for those who know how to draw banners and those who make videos and many more. However, to participate as an artist, a security deposit is required (in order to rid the system of low-skilled personnel who want to try).

    Referral program: yes

    23. Kwork.ru

    On this exchange you can buy or sell any service at a fixed price of 500 rubles. True, the service for its mediation takes 20% from the executor, which in the end leaves you only 400 rubles. There are a lot of directions of work, but for the fact that it was not included in the standardized headings there is a section “Original”.

    Referral program: yes

    When writing an article, I didn’t have a goal to tell about all the projects for earnings that exist in the network, I wanted to give readers only those sites that are trustworthy and relevant today. I hope now you know everything you need to create income on the Internet without a site and initial investments.

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